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Protect your investments
Protect Your family

I am proud to say that with Lilleman Insurance, I am looking forward to helping insure horses of all different disciplines that are not only investments, but for many are extensions of families ...

by selling equine insurance.

If you have a horse, you know they are not cheap; they are an investment.  The purchase of a horse is an investment and the maintenance, well being of a horse is an investment.  If your horse was to pass away due to an accident or illness could you afford to replace the horse? Could you afford to replace the horse in timely manner?  Could you afford to replace the horse without sacrificing in other areas of your life? Equine mortality insurance offers you the reassurance of being able to replace a horse without having to sacrifice elsewhere.  Medical insurance offers you the reassurance of being able to take care of the health and well-being of your horses.

Mortality Insurance

We offer equine mortality insurance which is essentially an all peril life insurance policy, with certain policy exclusions, for your horse wherein you are paid an agreed upon value in the event your horse dies (or stolen) during the term of the policy.  In some circumstances, the policy even provides coverage for an extended period after the expiration of your policy.  


These policies, also, cover theft of your horse or the unfortunate circumstances where there is an authorized humane destruction of the horse.  


These are insurance policies so there are procedures and guidelines that must be followed along with exceptions included within the policies… but all involved work will be explained diligently to ensure there is a clear understanding... thus a good relationship.  


You as the owner of the policy are the beneficiary of the policy death benefit proceeds, which is equal to the agreed upon value in most cases.  The agreed upon value is identified within the policy at the beginning of coverage.   

Qualifying horses covered by the full mortality policy receive an additional $3,500.00  or $5000.00 of colic surgery coverage at no additional cost.

Mortality Insurance

Medical Insurance

If your horse has mortality insurance, then we can add a variety of medical coverage. 


We offer the following coverage:

  • major medical coverage ($15,000 and $10,000),

  • medical assistance coverage ($7,500), 

  • surgical endorsement ($10,000), and 

  • medical and surgical colic endorsement ($10,000).  


These coverage are similar to health insurance for your horse; and with the various choices, you can select the coverage that best suits your needs.  As with your own health insurance, there is a deductible that would be paid by you. Once your deductible is met, then per the policy terms insurance would pay reasonable and customary charges incurred for the medical care of your insured horse by a licensed veterinarian in accordance with the veterinarian’s recommendations. 

Medical Insurance


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